#11 My Battle w/ COVID-19 w/ Joe Langton, Victoria Kaczkos, & Chris Brodhead

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If you’re wondering where Joe’s been lately, you’re about to find out. Big Brother Joe, everybody’s rock, had an especially nasty case of the Corona, and unlike what he’d been told, it was nothing like the flu. Despite having no pre-existing conditions, Joe barely made it out alive, and now, for the rest of his life, he will have a pre-existing condition: permanent lung damage from COVID. Listen to Joe’s harrowing tale, learn from his mistakes, and then give your loved one a great big hug. Because you never know when it may be your last chance.

2:17 – Where did Joe go?
12:26 – The thought you never want to have: what if this is it?
19:26 – COVID is an island
24:08 – COVID remains mysterious (this ain’t your average flu!)
27:00 – Is COVID clotting against you?
29:39 – The bloodwork
43:52 – The long-term effects of COVID
53:03 – The viral load
1:00:36 – The vaccine
1:16:49 – How he got it
1:29:38 – 3 vitamins to ward off COVID
1:34:21 – Nurse Vic’s top COVID-fighting tips
1:48:37 – Joe’s top COVID take-aways

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Joe Langton

Joe is acting CEO at Automated Outdoor Solutions, President at Langton Nursery and Landscape Supply, and President of Langton Group. He’s a serial entrepreneur teaching his daughter, Julia, the ropes.

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