#12 Cutting-Edge Technology w/ Charles Brian Quinn

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Just like any good entrepreneur, landscaping technology never stops iterating and improving. Today Greenzie CEO & Co-Founder Charles Brian Quinn, a.k.a. CBQ (https://www.seebq.com/), joins us to share some exciting advancements in robot mower tech and share his vision for the future of the industry.

11:30 – Get out of the “we always have to mow” mindset
13:14 – One man’s trash is another man’s cash
17:58 – Sailing into success
23:42 – CBQs secrets to entrepreneurial success
26:53 – The value of knowing your core values
30:46 – The origins of Greenzie
34:14 – Seek unfair advantages
36:30 – Put your money where your mouth is
42:50 – How does it work?
1:07:19 – CBQ’s vision for the future of landscaping

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Joe Langton

Joe is acting CEO at Automated Outdoor Solutions, President at Langton Nursery and Landscape Supply, and President of Langton Group. He’s a serial entrepreneur teaching his daughter, Julia, the ropes.

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