#14 Weed Out the Dull, the Dirty, and the Dangerous w/ Helen Greiner, Tertill CEO

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Robots are so much more than just machines. Not only do they make our lives easier by doing the dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs we humans would rather not do, they ignite our imaginations, arouse our empathy, and can even become honorary family members. This week, Helen Greiner, co-inventor of the Roomba, life-saving IED-detecting robots, and technology that is currently roving on Mars, shares her journey from 11 year old girl in love with R2D2 to CEO of gardening robot Tertill, the next big thing in robot technology. If you weren’t ready to join the robot revolution before, this episode just might change your mind!

4:17 – In love with R2D2
4:40 – Robot relations
8:43 – Programming her future
12:49 – Stepping stones to success
15:08 – iRobot: 3 is the magic number
22:52 – Tertill the weeding robot
31:35 – CyPhy Works
33:37 – NASA and JPL
35:20 – The next big thing
41:47 – From lawn to landscape
43:25 – The robotic revolution
44:52 – The dull, the dirty, and the dangerous
46:31 – You gotta start somewhere
51:05 – You have to be in it to win it
56:15 – Time flies when you’re in the flow

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