#16 Mentorship Matters w/ Branden Lindell, Automation Specialist at Langton Group

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Today, Joe Langton is an industry leader in outdoor automation. You could even call him a “guru of robotics,” as this week’s guest put it. But before becoming a mentor to many, Joe relied on his mentor to show him the ropes (or rather the branches) in the landscaping biz: Branden Lindell. On today’s show, in addition to benefiting from Branden’s wisdom, experience, and delightful sense of humor, you’ll hear a bit more of Joe’s backstory and learn how his mentor ultimately joined his team.

2:31 – Everything happens as it should
3:04 – A mentor to Joe
6:44 – The crash
8:41 – Bonding in intensive care
12:20 – From worker to owner
19:38 – How men create
26:18 – Flying high
31:49 – The guru of robotics
33:39 – From “It’ll never work” to “This is the next big thing.”
46:43 – Saying the things that nobody wants to admit
48:05 – A family party
53:39 – The rocket in your pocket

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About the Host

Joe Langton

Joe is acting CEO at Automated Outdoor Solutions, President at Langton Nursery and Landscape Supply, and President of Langton Group. He’s a serial entrepreneur teaching his daughter, Julia, the ropes.

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