#33 How Robots Will Automate the Service Industry w/ Guy Altagar, Founder and CEO of Unlimited Robotics

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This episode’s guest is Guy Altagar (https://www.unlimited-robotics.com/). Robots are becoming more and more capable of replacing mundane, repetitive work in your business than ever before. Guy is here to share his life’s work, Gary, a service robot that has the potential to completely automate any task at home, in the office or other business environments. Guy also reveals vital entrepreneurial mindsets that allowed him to grow a small side project into a $15 million business in just 2 short years, lessons you can apply to dramatically grow and scale your own business venture.



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Joe Langton

Joe is acting CEO at Automated Outdoor Solutions, President at Langton Nursery and Landscape Supply, and President of Langton Group. He’s a serial entrepreneur teaching his daughter, Julia, the ropes.

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