#6 You’re Part of Our Family w/ Frank Mariani, Owner & CEO, Mariani Landscape

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This week’s guest is Frank Mariani, who’s been at the helm of Mariani Landscape, a family of businesses founded in 1958 by his father, Vito Mariani, for 47 years and counting. Learn Frank’s secrets to building, growing, and constantly improving a successful, sustainable business.

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1:04 – Why “It’s Good to be King”

4:40 – Who’s Coming to Your Funeral?

7:48 – Leadership

11:44 – The Mariani Response to COVID-19

15:43 – The Evolution of Frank Mariani & Company

20:54 – How to Grow Sustainably

29:09 – Why Competition Is a Good Thing

30:31 – How Robotic Mowers Are Improving the Landscape

38:02 – Why Investing in Automation Is Worth the Risk

40:38 – Being Good Neighbors

49:36 – Why You Shouldn’t Wait for a “Full Solution”

58:48 – The Next Generation

1:09:19 – Why Chicago Is Still a Great Place to Do Business

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