#7 Only Touch Gold w/ Pamela Slim, Speaker, Author, and Small Business Strategist

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What does success mean to you? Often we measure our success in financial terms, but is that really the best measure of living our best life and reaching our goals? This week’s guest, a speaker, coach, and author of two successful books and counting, Pamela Slim, is here to inspire you to live and work deliberately by aligning your goals to your authentic core values. Be successful on YOUR terms!

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1:46 – Finding the People Who Want to Change the World

7:04 – Young Pam & Emotional Ethics

9:03 – Early Work Experience (at $1.50 an Hour!)

11:44 – Expanding Her Horizons Through Travel and Study Abroad

22:05 – Pam’s Mentors

22:59 – The Difference Between Theory and Practice in Development (Cultural and Organizational)

26:24 – Why Women Should Charge What They’re Actually Worth

37:14 – Advice to Entrepreneurs

37:56 – On Going Viral

41:03 – How to Approach an Influencer

47:09 – Pam’s Definition of Success

55:48 – Who Gets to Be on Pam’s High Counsel of Jedi Knights

1:06:59 – Do Something That Makes a Positive Change

1:15:38 – Part of the Pamily

1:19:53 – Be Open to Change

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