#8 Lead Out Loud w/ Michael Todoran, Landscape Architect

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Are you leading out loud, or are you suffering in silence? Are you being a director, or a dictator? Are you empowering your team or are you punishing potential growth? This week’s guest, Michael Todoran is a native West Los Angeles Angelino practicing landscape architecture in Los Angeles, CA. He is the owner of Zanja Madre Studios and Executive Producer of the Landscape Architect podcast. He’s also a Lecturing Professor at Cal Poly Pomona School of Environmental Design and producer of the documentary www.superfiskyfilm.com.

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0:58 – Michael Todoran’s Hero’s Journey
5:19 – Why Self Care?
10:41 – The Strength in Vulnerability
21:20 – Escape From the LA Graffiti Wars
24:18 – What Type of Leader Are You?
32:55 – The Director’s Cut
38:22 – The Design That Inspired Michael to Become a Landscape Architect
41:47 – Why Good Landscape Designers Need High Emotional Intelligence
44:18 – Why Michael Loves to Bring in Contractors Early on in the Process
50:58 – The Role of a Landscape Architect
53:30 – Passion and Podcasting
1:02:06 – Coast Guard Firefighting: A Coachable Moment
1:14:12 – Actionable Wellness Tips
1:23:13 – Michael’s Legacy

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